Will Jena Ever Run a Marathon Again?

As many of you know, I ran the Philadelphia Marathon last November and it was HORRIBLE. My shoes gave out at mile 18, so I had to limp, crawl, and cry my way to the finish line. I did it.. but barely.

Philadelphia Marathon 2013

People asked me if I would do another marathon again, and I couldn’t answer it for weeks. It hurt. Really hurt… A LOT.

I wanted to redeem myself. But due to impending nuptials, I had tabled the idea of running a marathon in 2014. October is a great time to have a wedding but it is also a great time for the majority of races I would like to do (including Steamtown in Scranton where I live). I thought I could push myself for an April 2014 marathon, however I thought if I was going to run a marathon, I would like to do it again somewhere exciting. I mean, not that I don’t love central PA (holla Penn State), I just don’t want to bleed for it, blue or otherwise.

But you know what they say about never saying never…..

I had an extremely unique opportunity present to me today. I am sure you all remember what happened in Boston last April. How could you be runner and not be shocked? That event was the catalyst to why I even signed up for the horrible time in Philadelphia to prove fear doesn’t win and all that jazz. So when a friend who worked for Massachusetts Ear & Eye in Boston asked if I would be interested in joining Team Ear & Eye for 2014, I was floored.


So after an application and interview where I had to pledge to raise a certain amount of money AND be up to training for a marathon in less time I would like….. I am officially BOSTON STRONG.


I promise more details as they come in (especially since I STRONGLY hope you may donate $26.20 to my cause). But oh man, this will be legend.. or, maybe just freaking crazy.. ary.


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