Top 6 Picks of 2013, From Disney to Daenerys

From Mouse to House (Stark to be exact), Jena and I love lots of “stuff”–to put it eloquently. And though the first three are mine and Jena’s round out the list, I must say she picked some good ones. Here are our top picks for 2013:

1. Disney Cruise  

More on this later, but after one Disney Dream cruise it’s safe to say I’m hooked!

Travel Trip Disney Dream

2. Game of Thrones 

Although Game of Thrones has been off the air for months, the HBO installment of A Song of Fire & Ice by George R. R. Martin is good enough to still make the list.

game of thrones

3.  Magisto (Video Editor)

I spent most of 2013 looking for the perfect video app to manage an ever-growing collection of videos. Magisto video editor is by far the best video editor I’ve found, making it easy to combine video and picture, making amazing yet short, sharable movies.

magisto video editing

4.  Alex and Ani

Both sisters rock these bracelets on a daily basis. With different charms that focus on a plethora of positive and inspirational messages, what is not love?

Alex and Ani

5.  runDisney

After years of begging, I finally convinced Cecelia to run our first runDisney race in 2013– the Disney Princess Half Marathon. With exceptional entertainment and support services, this was my favorite race of my 2013.1 challenge (more on that later).


6.  Morphi Juice Pack (iPhone 5s case)

With all the traveling and tweeting I do, I tend to go through cell phone battery fast. Gone are the days of trying to recharge my phone in bathrooms at restaurants, now I just flick a switch and have 100 percent battery life within minutes.



What would you add to the list?


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