Top 5 Reasons Netflix Rocks

This post is brought to you by Netflix. 

As mentioned previously, I’ve recently become re-acquainted with Netflix and am more of a fan than ever. The kids have been introduced to new shows such as How Stuff Works and  Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

how stuff works

I’ve been attempting to influence my children to be Star Wars fans for years so this is a perfect way to ingrain them. But there are plenty of other reasons why Netflix rocks:

1. The kids can access movies on their iPads.

Movies take up a ton of space on the iPad; now that they each have their own profiles they are able to log in and jump right in. This comes in handy at a restaurant waiting for dinner or on a Saturday morning when they rise before 7:00 am and are guided to not wake mom and dad if the number on the clock starts with six.

netflix ipad


2. House of Cards

One of the first things we did after installing our new Roku and connecting Netflix was to fire up House of Cards, a Netflix original series. I’ve heard plenty about this political drama starring Kevin Spacey and was excited to finally check it out. Living up to the hype, it’s become one of our new favorite shows even if it’s portrayal of Washington politics is slightly disconcerting.

3. Current Movies

Last night we watched The Grey with Liam Nelson–good movie. Paying $4.99 or more per movie through cable is not a great option, and having to actually leave the house to rent one seems to 90s. Finally we’re able to watch current movies; I’m just sorry I didn’t re-connect with Netflix sooner.

netflix profiles

4. Individual Profiles & Suggestions

Apparently this is a newer feature, and I’m glad we got on board as profile management was added since it’s one of my favorites. We set up a profile for everyone in the house, and as we log into each account and watch shows and movies, Netflix begins to personalize suggestions which is how we’re finding new gems to view. Brilliant.

5.  Easy to Stream

We started in our bedroom using Roku to set up Netflix. Quickly realizing it was extremely portable, we then added to the kids iPad and even my phone (where I watched episode one of Scandal at the gym during an otherwise boring 6 mile treadmill run which made it go much faster.) And just this afternoon as the cold and rainy weather continues, we realized Netflix could be played downstairs as well streaming through the Wii. netflix.jpg

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  1. says

    We love netflix! My favorite thing is the profiles so that when my kids are on it without me I don’t have to worry about what will see on the cover or what they would watch. :)

  2. says

    We gave up cable almost 5 years ago to save some money and we NEVER would have lasted this long without Netflix. LOVE it. And you are right, House of Cards is equally awesome and scary at the same time. :)


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