Rocking Out with Jabra Rox Wireless Headset

I received this product courtesy of Jabra; all opinions are 100% my own.

I’m a pretty lucky gal. Seven years of blogging has taught me to be selective about endorsing brands. While 80% of Underwear in Our Kitchen is filled antics and antidotes, you’ll still find a few scattered posts which tout some of of favorite products. As stated in our PR policy, these are only ones which we would purchase ourselves. So far I bought on (addiction alert) with my own cold-hard cash a Jabra Solemate and, more recently for Mother’s Day, a Jabra Tour.

So when I say the Jabra Rox rocks, I mean it. If it didn’t, I’d have told our brand partner, “This is not my favorite product, and I don’t think we can promote on the site.” I doubt that would ever happen, however, since every single Jabra product we’ve tested out is awesome…hence the reason they my favorite go-to gift brand. The Rox is a wireless headset designed for listening to music during grocery tips, cleaning the house (ewww) or even light exercise. I say light since they have other products such as  the Jabra Sport specifically designed for heavier exercise action.

jabra rox

Me Walking w/ Jabra Rox

Jabra Rox comes with everything you need to ensure a perfect fit. I watched a short YouTube tutorial to choose the correct earbuds and EarWings ensuring the Rox stays put. I was then off to the gym for a weight training workout; the Rox stayed in place perfectly as I blasted out Maroon 5 after downloading the exclusive Jabra Sound app which plays High-definition Dolby Digital Plus sound. See for yourself:


Enter to win a Jabra Rox which will be given away by Jabra blog ambassadors across various sites includeing Underwear in Our Kitchen. Contest starts 6/23/14 and expires 7/1/2014. See details below.

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