Why Mom Will Be Walk Me Down the Aisle: Happy Mother’s Day!

Who will be walking you down the aisle? I have gotten that question a few times since becoming engaged. It is a fair question. I mean, I don’t talk about my father often any more, but most people get he isn’t around. And anyone who has met my step-dad Mont, they tend to think he has been around much longer than he is since he fits in so well with are crazy family antics. He would be a decent choice for aisle walking since he is an amazing guy. I could be a modern woman and walk down the aisle by myself since “I ain’t nobodies property.”

But this walk down the aisle is reserved for my mother. Since the day she was by Cissy’s side for her big day, I have had it in my head my mom will do the same. Let me tell you why.

Mom walks daughter down the aisle

Everyday, I thank my lucky stars that my mother is my mother. Good genetics aside (I mean have you seen Cissy and my hair?), I am not sure I would be in the same place today without my mom’s strong sense of integrity and perseverance. Her Northeast Woman article from February 2011 gives the majority of the details: mother died young so she had to drop out of college to care for her sick father until he passed too; three growing kids while their fathers were absent at best or destructive at worst, working multiple jobs while going to school full time to help better her and her children lives. All with a sense of integrity and style. I as the youngest, never really knew how tough things were. She never complained and we never went without.

Mother's Day 2014

My favorite quotation from this piece is, “The moral of the story is, I always strove to do the right thing,” she said. “Do your best, do the right thing and work hard, and good things will come.”

Thank you for showing me the meaning of family, hard work, and generosity. Thank you for staying up one night just because my ear hurt that much and I didn’t want to be alone. Thank you for working two jobs so I could attend Prep as well as helping me financially (and emotionally) through college and law school. Thank you for not telling Cissy to bring Jasmine back when she took her home to us, and thank you for dealing with 12 years of allergy medication so we can keep our cat. Thank you for always ironing my clothes (including hair ties). Thank you Mom for being the best parent a girl can ever want.

Can’t wait to walk down the aisle with you in October! Love you.