The Birth of a Second Generation Annie Fan





Being a Stream Team member translates to complimentary Netflix in order to review and share. The golden standard of reviews means answering one question before sharing with readers–would I buy this? The answer with Netflix is unequivocally, 110% yes. I wouldn’t know what to do at the gym on the elliptical without it. Starting with Scandal, I’ve torn through multiple series and movies while working out…my kids have been introduced to new family favorites…Movie Monday has become a golden standard in our house on a day we never looked forward to before. (Mondays…blech.) When I am no longer a Netflix #StreamTeam member, I plan to continue my subscription.

And this was before the most amazing thing happened…because of Netflix. My daughter has officially discovered my favorite childhood movie. I remember coming home from lunch in elementary school and catching clips of Daddy Warbucks and America’s favorite redhead. Annie holds a special place in my childhood memories– what’s better than Mac & Cheese and “It’s a Hard Knock Life?” Thanks to Netflix, the Annie legacy lives on.


Last weekend we were looking for something to watch when I noticed the original 1982, Carol Burnette and Aileen Quinn version of Annie. My kids are resistant to anything new. She would have preferred a Disney movie or something we’ve watched 100 times before. But since this was important—as important as, say, eating a new vegetable–I broke an important parenting rule and did what was necessary to get her to watch what I knew would instantly become a new family staple. I bribed her.

Sure enough, a bit over two hours later, we were both singing “Tomorrow” after I downloaded it from iTunes. A new Annie fan was born.

For this reason and for bring me Scandal, House of Cards and endless Movie Monday choices–Netflix seriously rocks.

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