Travel Tuesday: Disney Wedding & Vacation Series

My sister’s wedding in Disney World two weeks ago was truly magical. Look for more posts to come on this unbelievable event which we turned into a family vacation. A few wedding pics:

There is SO much more to say about this trip including wedding details, how much we loved Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, our thoughts on Saratoga Springs (and DVC in general) but for now, just look at this. It answers the question why we’re “always in Disney” as our friend say:


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Travel Tuesday: Disney World Vacation Countdown

As our family gets ready to head to my little sister @RamblingChick Disney Wedding in less than two weeks, I wanted a visual way to count down to our trip. Not a particularly crafty gal, I headed to the dollar store and purchased a Disney workbook, poster board and picture frame.

Step 1

Cut out a a piece of poster board the size of the picture frame.

Step 2

Cut out a Mickey head and trace it on the poster board.

Step 3

On scraps of paper, list the number of days to Disney and place in the frame. Voila!
preparing for disney


Granted, there are more elaborate Disney Countdown projects on Pinterest, but armed with little crafting skills and without a glue gun in our house, this simple project was just right for my skill level. The kids love seeing the number change each day, and with less than two weeks now, the entire household is getting excited!

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The Most Magical Engagement Session

Better late than never! That is the moral of today’s story. Josh and I are less than 2 months away until our big day in Walt Disney World. We may have procrastinated getting engagement photos done a little bit, but boy were they worth the wait! Since our wedding day photographer lives in New Orleans, we had to hire more locally for our engagement photos. I was pleased as punch because I have been oogling Dyanna Joy’s Photography Facebook page since she went full time. I had the pleasure of meeting her back when I attended Penn State Dickinson School of Law, so I knew she was sweet as well as professional. We got two hours with her on a Sunday evening.  She made us feel like rock stars and even Josh who is not the most into getting his photo taken, felt at ease.

Now take a walk with us on our magical engagement session.
Dogs in Engagement Photos

We started out the sitting with two of our favorite girls. Before we met, Josh and I both had our own golden retriever. I had adopted my red head Casey just shy of 6 month. Josh had raised blondie Nala since she was a pup. They are a big part of our lives. So Dyanna had us start off with a walk in the woods. Pets in engagement photos

Such good girls. True to the breed, they enjoyed relaxing and getting petted in photos. Prior to having Casey, my other pets were named after Disney movies. I took it as a good sign that Josh came into our relationship with a dog named after a character in the Lion King. I am happy to have a few great photos with Josh and his other love of his life.
Engagement Session in the woodsAfter we let the girls relax for a while, Dyana had us pose by ourselves in the woods. I felt almost like a fairy playing in the forest. I am happy nature coordinated it’s flowers to go with our outfits.

Happy Couple Engagement Photos

Adventurous, we all trucked over to a nearby lake. Josh resisted tossing me in, but couldn’t resist making me smile.Engagement Photos by Lake

Next Dyanna had us go for what I like to call the “ultra in love” shots. Josh channeled his inner Flynn Ryder and gave me a great smolder. How can you not love the light that wraps us in these photos.

blue sapphire engagement rings

The obligatory engagement ring shots. Like my sapphire engagement ring bling? I specifically asked for the sapphire for multiple reasons. Blue is both Josh and my favorite color. My mom has a similar version as her engagement ring to my awesome step-dad. It’s my favorite sister Cissy’s birthstone. And I love being different. Over a year later and I don’t regret my decision. I also love it being compared to Princess Kate’s ring, which means I am in style with royalty. The photo on the right is my ring in a origami rose that Josh made me. Awesome right?

Reading Pagoda Engagement PhotosNow let’s transition. We moved from the park to the real reason we traveled to Reading, Pennsylvania. On our first official date, Josh took me to the Pagoda on top of Mount Penn. Built almost a hundred years, this building over looks the city. We sat up here for hours talking that day in March. Not even easy conversations. But it was at that time we really clicked and allowed us to weather a year and a half long distance relationship. Now, looking back, it almost seems we were destined for an Epcot Wedding with this building in our past. Bonus to the reader who picks up a certain Disney movie reference in these photos.

Blue Engagement Photos

Now Dyanna had us get a little steamy again. I officially think Josh looks dashing as any prince in these photos.
Disney Engagement Photos earsWe are having a Disney Wedding, so we had to have a few Disney touches at our shoot. Thanks to Pinterest, I made sure to buy a Mickey Mouse Ear hat with our wedding date on it last May. I also snatched up these fun glitter shoes since they reminded me of Cinderella.
Epcot Engagement PhotosSpeaking of Cinderella, I recently realized that our meeting story echos the princess we have used to inspire our big day. Josh and I met in a bar at Penn State. I went to hang out with my law school friend and his brother. It didn’t take long the brother Josh to grab my attention. 5 hours of talking later (after testing what he thought about Walt Disney World wedding), Josh and I parted ways. Before he left, I mentioned I hoped to see him again. Like I mentioned, we lived almost 4 hours apart at this time, so he realistically said, “We probably will never see each other again.” And then bolted into his brother’s apartment. Let me tell you, I totally related to Prince Charming. Why did you run away? Luckily Josh thought it out more and purposefully reactivated his Facebook account to go find me. I can’t wait to start our happily ever after in October!

Engagement Photos for newspaperNow before you go, I need your help. Comment below with which photo we should put in the paper of Josh and myself? I plan to submit by the end of this week, so help fast! Thank you.

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