Diva Sisters: Blog Posts on the Go

With less time and more to manage, I’m testing out a blog post on the go. This pic, taken from iRetreat 2014 this past weekend, shows my sister and I hamming it up for Twitter.

Turns out, posting on mobile (using WordPress app) is pretty easy! Would love to learn more tips on how to make this work so Underwear readers can get jiggly with us more often.


Five Best Tweets from #iRetreat2014

After trending for 3 days in a row, the hashtag #iRetreat2014 has finally been surpassed by World Cup fans eager keystrokes. But with over 6k tweets, the iRetreat attendees showed the blogging community once again it’s more than the quantity of people who attend your conference. Quality online influencers pack a serious punch in the social media community.

Picture 24

iRetreat tweets were filled with love, chocolate, & online influencer support.

Tweeting from the @DoubleDutyDivas handle the majority of the conference, I had a unique experience to see the majority of the content coming through. With first class speakers, we had nothing but an abundant of excellent thought provoking points flying around the internet. Here are some of the most retweeted takeaways for all blog conference attendees.

Online influencers should remember the following:
Picture 18 Just because a brand/pr agency pitches you, does not mean you should say YES. Think about each opportunity and how it will affect your business. Will the partnership make sense with your readers? Is it taking too much time from your family without giving you the monetization you need to pay your mortgage. Saying no thanks is OK. This is why Cissy drafted our PR policy to reflect this view.

Picture 19Brands and PR reps need more than your enthusiasm to work with them. Like keynote speaker Vera from Lady and the Blog pointed out, treat every post like a future job audition. Write well, have a clear vision, and work on extending your influencer reach so that you can get ahead of the curve on ambassadorship programs.

Picture 21Say you will do something but then disappear? Have unrealistic expectations on what you are entitled to? Bad mouth a brand you say you support? PR agencies do have dud lists for bloggers who act like drama llamas.

Picture 22Like Double Duty Diva and iRetreat co-owner Bridgette points out, don’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door. Put yourself out there at conferences, and contact brands via the web. Don’t be afraid of hearing no’s. Keep on trying and you eventually will find the right fit.

Picture 25It’s a two way street. Brand and PR reps, recognize that if you want quality work, you need to pay. Money, in kind, cool experience, bloggers need something to justify spending time away from their family to promote your product. We don’t get paid like traditional media outlets, so please don’t expect us to be excited over announcing your product because you sent us hi resolution pictures.

Like these tweet tips? Be sure not to miss your opportunity to hear these points live in New Orleans next summer. Space is limited due to venue’s capacity, so buy your ticket to iRetreat 2015 ASAP. 50% special code for 2015 ends June 29th. Use LOVENOLA15 at www.iretreatconference.com.

What was your favorite tweet from #iRetreat2014? Comment below.

5 Tips I Learned From Audrey McClelland & Vera Sweeney at the #iRetreat2014 Keynote

Double Duty Divas iRetreat

Last night, iRetreat: the Conference for Online Influencers started off with a bang.  2014 attendees gleaned mountains of information from our keynote speakers, Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney.

A brief intro (in case you have been living under a rock and don’t know these ladies):

Audrey and Vera are the successful business partners behind Getting Gorgeous Events. Audrey is a mom of 5 – 4 boys and 1 girl. She is the founder of MomGenerations.com. She was named one of the most powerful moms online by Nielson. Audrey lives in Rhode Island with her family and loves to spend her time digitally connected! Vera , mom, blogger, social media influencer and New York resident, is the founder of LadyAndTheBlog.com. She is considered one of the top female digital influencers in today’s social media space. Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women stay on top of the latest tends in fashion, food, family and travel.

Both woman support both their households as professional life style bloggers. They are fun, engaging, and hardworking professionals. The Q and A session alone was worth the price of the blog conference ticket.

Audrey and Vera speaking iRetreat2014

I consolidated the 5 take ways that I thought was worth knowing if you aren’t at iRetreat this year.

  1. When you are working as a blogger, always act if someone is watching. You never know what future job a brand may pitch you based on what innovative content you may be producing on your blog.
  2. PR companies talk. Act like a drama llama, and you may be severely impacting the jobs you can get. There are both rock star and dud lists. Be on the former and NOT the latter.
  3. Know your worth. It is always ok to say no to a company. Maybe they will counter offer to what you want. Maybe they will go to another blogger. But don’t compromise if you want businesses to understand what your price is. (But maybe start of with realistic goals and not ask for a 1 million dollars for your first review).
  4. Don’t work alone. Find a partner who you can combine not only your social media numbers but also the creative ideas and fellowship. Supporting each other in this space does not hinder your efforts like you may thing. You become elevating and can accomplish more in a duo than ever alone.
  5. Love, respect, trust, friendship, dedication, hardworking, and same goals. This is what to look for in a good partner in buisness. 

Bonus: Rely on CONTRACTS. Even if it is a tweet, having what the brand wants in writing and your expectations make this work a whole lot easier. (And make sure to READ them too, miss Cissy).

Not So Throw Back Thursday: Why I LOVE to be a part of #iRetreat2014

Four score and… Ok, it was only four years ago. I had just submitted my last ever (hopefully) academic paper. Law school graduation was a few weeks away. I was terrified that I would never pass the bar, find a job, or be a lawyer. Anxiety was high and honestly I wanted to cry most days.

Then my sister assigned me into being grunt labor for a blogger meet up. Best thing that could have ever happened to me.

May 2011

May 2011: Renee, Bridgette, Cissy, and myself at Reviewer’s Retreat. I may have had my twitter account for 5 minutes!

Insider’s perspective, Cecelia (Cissy) and her business partner Bridgette began then Reviewer’s Retreat as a way to get members of their collaborative social media consulting company Double Duty Divas together to talk about best practices in working with brands. I wasn’t part of the space, but back in 2010, people thought review bloggers was a dirty word. They wanted to change that and help each other grow. And since they love to travel (they did meet at Blog Her 07 after all), why not make a family vacation out of it.

I knew nothing about what this all meant. All I know I was moving obscene boxes of swag around Northeastern PA with people I just met. I barely understood what a blog meant and had no concept of Twitter. But as I sat in on sessions, it started to sink in how cool this concept blogging can be. I mean, I learned up front that it was hard work. Especially if you actually have to TAKE CARE OF the kids you write about. But it’s a creative space where you can show and share who you are all about and possibly help people.

iRetreat Blog Conference work

But more importantly, the people you meet. I mean, where else can you be in a room full of people as tied up with their cell phones/laptops as I am on a daily basis. Seriously, every year I meet a new person, run a crazy scavenger hunt with them, and get to follow their blog/facebook/twitter for the year and get to know who they are. Special shout out to my fellow Divas who I met four years ago, Bridgette, Renee, and Angie. Along with my sister, I talk with y’all every day. We keep building both the business but more importantly our friendships. We keep showing anything is possible!

So four years, a law license, and a few thousand twitter followers later, I am excited to start of the fourth edition of iRetreat with a hand full of Hershey Kisses. I am ready to learn!

Remember, ladies... we shall always have the Piano Man bar :-)

Remember, ladies… we shall always have the Piano Man bar :-)

What is your favorite Reviewer’s Retreat moment?