Spring into Summer Mom Mixer Recap & Four Tips On Being a More Efficient Blogger

Today,  Cecelia and I had a blast at the Spring into Summer Social Media #MomMixer event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. At this two hour event, which was hosted by all-star bloggers Colleen Padilla and Whitney Wingerd, we had the opportunity to connect with a multitude of great brands including Under Armor, Tommy Hilfiger, Charm It!,  and the McDonalds crew from Philly. We were also thrilled to see CVS/pharmacy– a brand that Cecelia represents in their ambassador program and public relation representatives from Hershey entertainment- the location of this year’s iRetreat Conference: a Retreat for Online Influencers. 

This short video captures the great vibe for this event. Thank you for having us!

But t’was not the only rewarding experience we shared today. Living in Northeastern PA, we drove the two hours down the PA turnpike to make this event. However, we did not venture alone. Two other NEPA bloggers accompanied us on this adventure- Megan from NEPA Mom and Christina from It is a Keeper.

Cecelia standing on the left, Christina is sitting down in the black, and Megan is sitting down on the right in white.

Cecelia standing on the left, Christina is sitting down in the black, and Megan is sitting down in white.

Do you know what happens when you put four bloggers in the same car for four hours WITHOUT any kids. Collaboration and inspiration time! As a relativity new lifestyle blogger, I was eating up all the insight these three ladies had combined. So I wanted to share what I learned with you all.

1. Dan Morris: Know who he is and follow his advice! Everyone agreed that Dan is the Einstein of how to get your blog out there in a sea of competition. He knows how to rock SEO as well as helping bloggers create goals for their online businesses. They also concurred he approachable and beyond engaging. You should check him out here or come see him speak at iRetreat this June!

2. Jetpack: Although this plugin may have a reputation for being a system overload for your website, it is worth using in moderation. Some all star features to consider for your blog include being able to automatically share your post on all your social media outlets when you publish and quicker access to your blog’s analytics.

3. Evernote: an online site that can help manage your blogging life with ease. You can store all your business cards, future recipes, and other brand material in one central place that you can access via multiple electronic devices.

4. Magesto: Cecelia’s favorite this video editing app let’s you create fun professional video’s within minutes from your cellphone. Writing this post took 100x longer than Cecelia took to create high quality video. See today’s video above.

In a fast-paced world where seldom anyone knows how hard it is to be a professional blogger, this commuting time proved invaluable. As I always feel after listening to talented and motivated individuals, I feel like I can do almost anything as long as I plan smart and have a vision to go. To put it lightly it was a great day for Under Wear in Our Kitchen. Thank you ladies!


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    Jena, It was so great finally meeting you and getting to hang out with you, Cissy and Christina! I loved the Mom Mixer event but I always say the real benefit is the time spent chatting about blogging with other great bloggers. I always learn SO much and come home energized and with a million ideas running through my brain. Now I just need to find the time to implement all those ideas!

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    I don’t know what to say. This is beyond sincere and wonderful. I am more than appreciative.

    I’ll pledge to do my best and always live up to your kind words. I love bloggers, their spirit, their journey, their successes. We have a pretty wonderful community, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

    You guys are special. Thanks,

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