Princess Dress Shopping: Bridesmaid Style

The cards I asked my girls to be bridesmaids. I made them think I was going all themey but instead my goal is for them to look classy with a dash of magical.

The cards I asked my girls to be bridesmaids. I made them think I was going all themey but instead my goal is for them to look classy with a dash of magical.

When it comes to wedding plans, the last couple weeks have been spent trying to decide on what bridesmaids dresses we should order. No real rush (thank god we are still 8 months out) but fate helped us find it. At the end of January I traveled back to Alfred Angelo’s bridal salon in White Hall, PA to confirm the dress I loved my first visit is THE DRESS. Since the only reason I didn’t purchase the love of my dress life was due to not having my lovely sister Cecelia there, I decided not to go empty handed this time. I called the recruits: not only my matron of honor sister but also my bridesmaids that lived close by, long time best friend Gina and more recent friend and future sister in law Laura.

It didn’t take long for them to thumbs up my dress and since we were already at the salon, we decided to do an impromptu bridesmaid dress hunt. I chose my girls well because it didn’t take them long to pull on some dresses and have me laughing in stitches over their antics.

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Left: Cecelia, Gina & Laura ready to go have fun in the dressing room. Center: Gina & Laura put on a Belle dress.    Right: Laura practicing her dancing moves.

Although I love all things Mouse, the Disney Bridesmaid dress line was what I envisioned for my big day. When we moved into the other Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses, soon Cecelia tried on a dress that Gina and Laura agreed they loved. I am aiming to be as un-Bridezilla as possible and even though asymmetrical hems have never been my favorite style, I agreed that this is the dress my other two bridesmaids needed to check out. I love the chiffon material and could envision the girls out in the October Florida weather and not roasting. So after both Sara and Amanda confirmed that this dress made them comfortable (and I heard reports that one significant other gave his thumbs up for zestiness), it has been officially decided to be the one.

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Collage

Three different locations but all my girls (Sara, Gina, Laura & Amanda) look great in this dress.

The next problem came down to color. This battle may have been brewing longer than Josh and I have been engaged. We both agree that we want blue to be a feature. But that is where our understanding stops. I have been pushing for a blue/purple marriage. I mean, both are prominent on Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World. I felt it would give us that fairy-tale atmosphere with out being to childish. Even though Josh wears purple pridefully as a Minnesota Vikings fan, thought the colors did not go together. He also seems to think that if he approved a touch of purple, by the wedding day it would look like a Barney explosion. I have a reputation of taking my inch and running 26.2 miles with it.

Blue Wedding Colors Disney

Left: I may be a cupcake fiend.. nothing wrong in picking my wedding colors after a frosting container? Right: Mediterranean Blue or Navy.. which color looks better with my sapphire engagement right? Hmmm

Trying to be respectful of Josh (since he agreed to have our wedding in Florida even though he hasn’t been to Walt Disney World since he was in sigh school), I decided to choose just blue. When it became my only focus color, I thought the more lively Mediterranean blue would fit the bill. My mother (and Cecelia) fell in love with the classic look of the navy blue especially with silver and white accents.

What is a girl to do? RESEARCH!

After many hours on pinterst I discovered something troubling. With either blue I did not like what I could do with floral. I mean white is nice, but if I am paying a huge bill for live flowers I want them to have the most impact. Ugg. But then an acquaintance mentioned the obvious choice. Flip the colors.

So my girl Amanda did me a favor with this revelation and tried on two dresses in the grey/silver range that Alfred Angelo carried to see if I would like how they photographed. I mean, what could be more horrible if the dress my girls loved came in a color the designer didn’t have.

Amanda in the Grey

Amanda in the silver/grey chiffon that Alfred Angelo carries Smoke (left) and Moonlight Waltz (right).

But it did! So without further adieu, here is the color pallet for our Disney Wedding….

Silver bridesmaid dress with blue flowers

TADA: I can have all the different shades of blue and white I want to pop against this chiffon Moonlight Waltz dress. The color even sounds magical.

The floral will be the focus without my girls looking like cartoon characters. Win.

Josh agreed. My mom agreed. My bridesmaids agreed. And they all lived happily ever after….

purple and blue flowers

I mean, just a little purple never hurt anyone right?

Especially since I got Josh to agree that a little purple in the flowers would be ok since the dresses were not as bright… Let’s see how far I can go with this now :-) Kidding!



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