How to Make Your Own Running Tutu

Princess Marathon Running TutuI still can’t believe it has been almost a year since Cecelia and I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon. By far my favorite race today date due to runDisney’s entertainment and on course amenities. Best part is how everyone dresses in costume. Jealous of all those running in a few weeks, I thought I would share a cost-saving but fun way to stand out on race day.

Enter the race tutu. Thanks to the advent of theme races, more and more runners are wearing these to events. For crowded races like the Princess half, a race tutu ensures that you have plenty of personal space since other runners can’t get too close. And if you are running as a team like Cecelia and I, it was a great way to show we were in it together.

On Etsy, a race tutu could easily cost 30-50 dollars without shipping. Save yourself the money to enjoy a LaFeu’s Brew (or Grand Marnier slushie) at the Parks. You can buy the majority of the materials at your local fabric store for less than 20 dollars. The craft will take maybe an hour to finish and worth the time and effort. Here is what you do…

What You Will Need:

How to make a running tutu
1. 12-14 yards of tulle any color. Divide the yards by amount of colors. For example, if you want to alternate colors buy 6-7 yards of each color. For this skirt I bought 6 yards of blue and purple and 2 yards of silver as an accent color.
2. Pillow
3. Scissors
4. 1/4 inch elastic, 3 yards
5. Ruler

How To Do It:

1. Cut tulle into  2 feet long strips that are about 6 inches wide.

1. Wrap the elestic around your waist to determine how much material you will need. Make sure band is where you want the tutu to lay while you are running. The higher the better.

2. Cut elastic about 2 inches shorter than your waist size and tie ends together in a knot to make a loop. Place loop over pillow.

3. Take one tulle strip and fold in half.

How to make a running tutu 2

4. Slid tulle under elastic band with folded over part on top.

5. Slid ends through top folded part and pull ends through until knot forms

6. Alternate colors and repeat process.

7. ENJOY: I know we did :-)

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  1. says

    I wish you were closer to make me one for the Savage Race. I know the point is to make one myself … but ack. If I do it, I’ll share with you though!

  2. says

    This cute skirt tutorial seems too easy to be true. I never knew how simple you can make one if you break the whole thing to single pieces and then attach them together :)


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