2014 Running Rambles & Aspirations

Jena here. Let me tell you a story about the athlete that never was…

When I was in 5th grade, my elementary school had track meet against a couple area schools. Since we had no actual track team, us young ones had to try out. Me, hearing about winning medals, tried my darnedest to make the team. I went to every practice and pumped my chubby little legs and fell over countless hurdles. My enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed– I was hired on as the mini ‘assistant coach.’

Whomp Whomp.

That was the beginning/end of my  school athletic career. I decided selling (and eating) girl scout cookies was a better use of my time.

Jena Disney

Running… Can’t I just stand here and look awesome instead?

That’s a long winded rambling (had to earn my twitter handle somewhere) to say for the majority of my life no one would ever accuse me of being athletic. Smart- yes. Funny- depending on your humor. Nerdy- oh yes. Athletic… ehhhh more like excellent paper pusher.

Until I graduated college. Then my oh so wonderful/athletic/high school cheerleader/marathon runner sister Cecelia convinced me to try to go running with her.  First it was only a half mile, but some how she convinced me to keep on going for a mile. I felt elated, that I have done the impossible, and I probably didn’t want to do that again. And then she got me.

“Wouldn’t be great if we ran a half marathon together someday?” she said.

Yes, I replied. In my head I was thinking it would be as since as when I won a million dollars or finally managed to get a Backstreet Boy to marry me. She was thinking that next September, less than 16 weeks away.

Did I mention I rarely worked out before that moment?

She signed me up for the Philadelphia Half-marathon before I knew any better. Since I was a poor-soon-to-be-law-student, she made a deal. I run the race, she pay my fee. I don’t do it, I pay her back.

I ran the race. And 6 other half-marathons, 1 Runner’s World Hat Trick, a 10 miler, a 15 k, 2 10ks, and countless 5ks. Even a marathon last November. Let’s just say if she told me the majority of long distance races would give you a medal at the end, I would have done this AGES ago.

So what’s on this year’s running agenda? Since I am getting married and I have found out running a million miles in a year DOESN’T mean you will lose weight if you don’t eat right, I am sticking to 2 races right now. And both are with Cecelia.

94345h_logo_scrantonhalfHow could the Scranton natives NOT run this inaugural Scranton half marathon? This race is far enough in advance for me to get back to racing shape after a much needed post marathon break. The good part is I already ran the majority of the route when I was training for my full last fall. The bad part is ALL THE HILLS!

runDisney Mount EverestThen Cecelia and I will be doing the runDisney Mount Everest Challenge in May. How could I help it if this race just HAPPENED to correspond with when my Disney Fairy tale Wedding planning session was… coincidence right? Since there are some obstacles, I am going to be focusing on strength training to get me through this event. Cecelia as a former Tough Mudder should be a strong asset. I will be the brains in the scavenger hunt portion.These are the goals and I shall keep you all updated on our training.

And if I can convince Josh to let me do a spooky runDisney event the week before my wedding…. it is another coincidence that we will already be there… :-)



  1. Cecelia and Jena says

    So glad we found another thing to do together that also happens to be good for you. Great post! xoxo ~C


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