My Run-In With Peyton Manning: Go Broncos!

A San Francisco 49ers fan (living in PA between Steelers and Eagles Country), I met friends @BridgetteLA and @WhatMommiesNeed in 2009 that put me on a path toward becoming a part of the Who Dat nation. But since the 49ers nor Saints made it to Superbowl this year, and there are no PA teams in sight to root for, I’ve decided to be a Broncos fan this weekend for the simple fact that Peyton Manning seems like a really nice guy. And deep down he must still be a Saints fan, right?

In 2006, six month pregnant with my daughter and out to dinner with the family while on vacation in Florida, I ran into not one but two pretty famous gentlemen.  Standing in the ladies room line of all places, Peyton Manning stopped to comment on my very big belly. (It was no stretch to guess I was pregnant gaining 61 lbs. with my little less than 6 lb. baby girl!) He asked when I was due, if I knew the sex and was genuinely friendly.  When his dinner-mate exited the men’s room at that moment, he said, “Hey, come get a picture with this mom-to-be.”

And so it was, without me even asking, I ended up sandwiched between Peyton Manning and Dan Marino for this pic:

manning and marino

Go Broncos!


  1. Jena says

    You have the best of luck when you are in Florida… Cinderella’s Castle… Celebrities! You are one cool sister.

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