Adding Strength and Tracking Progress: Weeks 2 & 3

Hi Everyone! Here is the Weight Watcher’s Progress update fore Cissy and I for weeks 2 and 3 of our 52 week challenge. We both want to BE healthy and LOOK smoking for my October 2014 wedding.

Cissy and Jena at Weight Watchers

The last two weeks have been pretty busy but not too busy to keep up with our weight loss journey plans. My  focus since I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting of the year has been to focus on the gym and tracking my food. This was a big mental hurdle for me since I have been hiding from the barbells since I began Weight Watchers back in 2011. Reason being, I thought I would hate paying for my meeting fees if I was doing something that would cause me to gain weight. Why would I sign myself up for that. Seems counter productive if I want to weigh less. I figured I could wait until I was closer to goal and start then.


Flash forward 3 years later. Considering I have yet to make goal weight by avoiding the weights, I need to try something different. Gaining muscle will make me physically smaller and burn more calories while I am resting. Scale be darned. Let’s try this. So far I have completed 2 weeks of lifting 3 days a week in addition to   my running training. Knowing the scale would probably be effected by my 5 day a week morning gym routine, my last two weigh in’s have not been heart breaking but motivating.

Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Slow and steady wins the race, right?

I CAN lose weight while improving my overall fitness. Small amounts but STILL. In the last two weeks I haven’t eaten without mindfully eating, have maintained my gym goals, and focused on eating balanced but tasty meals. How can these habits not lead to good things?

5lb star

As for Cissy: she missed this week’s Weight Watchers meeting due to snow, BUT last week she lost over 5lbs for her first weigh in. She picked up her gym routine by joining the local YMCA where she goes with both her husband and the kiddos. She rocked the scale after spending a weekend at the Finger Lakes by tracking and eating in moderation. BRAVO CISSY.

What have you been doing to reach your 2014 goals? Leave a comment and share!


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    You are a brave woman for posting your weight! I am going to be starting my journey as well with a mix of Advocare and Weight Watchers shortly. I need to get about a 2 week period where I know I do not have games and I know I can actually come home and eat something healthy at a reasonable time.

    GOOD LUCK to you 2 and congrats on on the upcoming nuptials.

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