Do you like dancing? I love to dance

dance shoes GoSalera

The first thing I did when I started dancing is buying some dance shoes. I I bought my first dance shoes in GoSalera. GoSalera is a original dance shoes store.
Every dancer must have good dance shoes to protect his feet. To choose the footwear you have to follow these simple tips:


It is an attribute when looking at your shoes, it is important that they are flexible to bend the toes well when dancing.

Dance shoes type

You have to know that there are different types of shoes depending on the dance you are learning. There are training shoes, Latin shoes, jazz shoes, shoes with different heel heights, etc., so to choose well you have to make sure that you are choosing the right kind of shoe.

special dance shoes type

The dance shoes can not be slippery so that with the rapid and spontaneous dance moves prevent you from tripping. The soles are made of split leather or split leather, which causes them to catch the ground when turning.


The material with which the shoe is made must be taken into account, the interior is usually made of cotton and the exterior can be made of various materials (satin, leather, patent leather), as they can be quite skimpy when dancing the material has to be good quality.


It is very important to check your foot size for dancing shoes. You have to make sure that it fits very well to your foot, it can not go very loose or very tight. Do you want to know what your size is for a dance shoe? Look at this article to measure your foot. It also has to have bow support to make it much more comfortable to dance.


It is important to know that the price is usually a little high since it is considered a special shoe type. The good thing is that it is amortized if you use it for your classes and also to go out and dance. Sure you do not regret buying good shoes. Compare prices online, by academies and through physical stores and value where you can get better. On the Internet you can find online stores where shoes come from outside of Spain quite cheap, but consider that cheap can be expensive.

Premiere before

Before leaving for the dance floor you have to use your shoes to avoid injuries to your feet. Use your shoe about 2 or 3 times in class. The shoe will conform to your foot.

I hope you liked my post if you have any doubts you already know where to find me.
Dancing is great fun, You can meet new friends and it is a perfect way to socialize with other people

Important facts about underwear for men

There are many reasons why underwear is an important part of a person’s wardrobe. Whether it is for hygiene, protection or privacy – undies are necessities that many cannot do without. In fact, the underwear industry is a billion dollar business. Although bohemians prefer to go commando or bare, underwear for men and women has made its way to the fashion world.


For men, underclothes are their most private and personal things for it remain unseen by the public. Worn daily right next to the skin; it must be comfortable.

Prehistoric male covered and protected their private parts by using loincloths from leather hides. It was a far cry from today with the growth of underwear industry. Fashion designers, like the well-known Calvin Klein, turned underwear into a trend as men’s skivvies started adopting patterns and designs.
White is the favorite color and cotton the favorite material.

Types and styles:

Underwear for men comes in many varieties of styles but most men usually choose only one style wearing them no matter what the activity is. They enjoy the comfort and security in wearing briefs, others enjoy the freedom from wearing boxers, but many favor boxer briefs. The bold male prefers thongs and G-strings. About 90% of all underwear sold today is briefs and boxer briefs.

• Boxer shorts
Go well with pleated pants. They have elasticized waistband, a button fly and straight leg openings with short inseam.

• Briefs
Also called jockey shorts, briefs have elastic waistband, no leg with minimal coverage. They are best for men who wear tighter pants or low-rise pants.

• Boxer briefs & trunks
A compromise for both types, they are tapered with the snug and supportive fit of the briefs. They maintain their comfortable fit all day long.

• Bikinis, G-Strings & Thongs
Not for everyone but looks great for men with exceptionally well-sculpted bodies.
1. The bikini or micro brief is a smaller style of the brief that exposes the entire thigh, still managing to cover the buttocks with a small front pouch.
2. Like the bikini, thongs leave the behind exposed but have confined front space connected by thin fabric strips.
3. A more minimal version of the thong, the G-string shows as much skin as possible.

Qualities of ideal underwear for male

• Comfort
Comfort is important qualities in underwear for men because it is worn all day and every day. As such, the material must offer a comfort level such as cotton. Proper cut, placement of pouch, top quality and correct positioning of the seams make a tremendous difference.

• Longevity
A cheaper, all-cotton pair of underwear fades and shrinks after few washings. On the other hand, a pair of luxury underwear will require a larger upfront investment, but it will feel softer and make you feel more comfortable. Make a decent rotation of your underwear so they will last longer.

Words of advice

1. Replace old underwear the minute the elastic band sags, holes appear etc…
2. Own a collection of at least 10 men’s underwear
3. Find a brand that fits you.
4. Wear a variety of styles
5. Change your underwear regularly.
6. Wash your underwear every time

Comfort and longevity are best qualities in choosing underwear for men. Choose cotton material and the style that fits you. Prefer quality than quantity in selecting the price range of your skivvies. Underwear matters especially when you are caught with your pants down!

make way for your caramel color

Of all new and passing trends, it’s colour that’s the most telling -what the fashion world decides is the shade of the season says a lot about industry mood.So read what you will into A/W’s key colours: rich variations of toffee, caramel and butterscotch.

Before you write them off as boring and dreary, consider this: earthy tones are warmer and more versatile than classically chic navy and black. We don’t want to sound like a food advert, but this is not just any ordinary shade of brown. This season’s incarnations are silky, butter-soft and so very understated that they make Audrey Hepburn look like a sartorial attention seeker.

Let us start with Céline’s show, with its buttermilk silk pleated dresses worn over nude trousers. Then there was The Row’s toffee-coloured leather trench coat; Stella McCartney’s caramel knit dress with ruffle trim; and Proenza Schouler’s wasp-waisted coats in neutral blonde tones.

True, this season’s autumnal shades aren’t the prettiest, but they are imbued with peak elegance and an air of luxury.
The North Star of neutral tones is, after all, the perennially chic camel coat. Think of all the women past and present who love caramel tones: Ali MacGraw, Katharine Hepburn,
Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham. They all have understated sophistication nailed.

No, this season’s autumnal neutrals will never top black, but all we ask is that you just give its luxe-enhancing powers a chance.

The winter wardrobe

JOE’S JUNGLE is a British brand, based in London, with all pieces being designed and made in the UK. Specialising in evening and occasion wear, their simple and elegant designs are perfect to make you stand out in the new season.captura
CARLA FERRERI collection, with their touch of Italian perfection, craft accessories from smooth, quality leather that last forever. Shop their bags, purses, and clutches with feminine shapes and timeless styles, combined with a modern touch. Visit carlaferreri
Hailing from Sydney, Australia, ARTHUR APPAREL is an independent womenswear brand whose ethos stems from living a minimalist lifestyle, aiming to simplify your wardrobe with high quality and versatile essentials. Find out more at
IAMJENNIFERLE is the highly anticipated collection launched by designer Jennifer Le. Inspired by her incredible personal style, expect signature combinations of leather and hardware. Each kíller pair of shoes is hand-finished and perfectly crafted using the highest quality materials. Both designer and label are headquartered in Toronto, Cañada and deliver worldwide.
Designer, and Graphic Artist, BECCA BLAIR keeps fashion quirky and on trend with her colourful and stylish handbags. Available ¡n Luxury Leather and Vinyl, you too can become part of the movement! Made in South Africa and distributed worldwide.
LAVANYA COODLY is designed to resonate with the urban woman who is bohemian at heart. The brand speaks to the curious minded woman, taking inspiraron from around the world and wants comfort without sacrificing style. Their AW16 features sleek, intricately hand embellished silk and wool jackets.
BEAM offers a unique range of light up shoes for the fun at heart! Available ¡n an array of brilliant colours, they add the wow factor to any outfit -you can literally take the party with you, wherever you go! Furthermore, BEAM have teamed up with the charities Love Specs and LSU, donating £2 for every pair of Original Series they sell, contributing to an outstanding project in Malawi.

Sexy stays!

When it comes to Halloween parties, I make a delibérate effort not to look sexy. In fact, five years ago, my husband and I bought his-and-hers whoopee cushion costumes and we wear them every year. Why? Because I don’t understand why a witch has to be wearing fishnets and a pair of fuck-me boots.

What are people saying when they dress up like ’80s hookers on Halloween? That sex is scary? Whatever the reason, I’ll be sticking to my whoopee cushion, thank you very much. It’s partly because my ¡dea of what sexy is has changed as l’ve got older. I used to feel sexy in a short skirt, high heels and a low-cut top. Now I feel sexy in jeans, a T-shirt and possibly even a sports bra.
It’s no longer about how much flesh I can have on display – actually, after years of confusión l’ve come to realise that l’m at my least sexy when I am trying to be overtly sexy. Chilled out and happy works way better. For example, Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous pin-ups of all time, but my favourite pictures of her are where she’s on the beach in a big woolly jumper.

Don’t get me wrong, I go kinda loopy over pies of her in a vintage swimsuit, but those natural shots – all windswept and carefree – that is the Marilyn l’d want to hop into bed with ¡f I was that way inclined. Which, to be honest, if faced with Marilyn Monroe for reais, I probably would be.

When it comes to men, l’m the same; I find my husband most attractive in jeans and a T-shirt (but then guys don’t have the same ‘sex/flesh’ issue that we have, do they?). I may think that low-key = sexy, but it’s not something I would ever try and convince other women they need to follow.

We all have to find our own versión of sexy – and if that is a short skirt, high heels and a low-cut top, all power to you. And sometimes I do want to really amp up the sex factor. I turn to make-up, rather than clothes, on such occasions. Big smoky eyes and nude glossy lips is a bit of a fantasy look for me. I don’t think I pulí it off, but I love the idea of even looking a teeny bit like a ’60s sex kitten. I go all feline and naughty when I really ham up my eyes.

Ultimately, I think dressing for your own personal sexuality rather than society’s shorthand for sexy (something that’s shoved in your face from a young age) is important. Finding your versión of sexy goes hand in hand with figuring out what good sex is to you; what make you feel good? What makes you feel hot The truth is, sexiness is mainly behim the eyes. It’s what you say, how you feel and how you communicate that is most successful in enticing other people. Your brain is sexier than your body, so don’t forget to use that, too.