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dance shoes GoSalera

The first thing I did when I started dancing is buying some dance shoes. I I bought my first dance shoes in GoSalera. GoSalera is a original dance shoes store.
Every dancer must have good dance shoes to protect his feet. To choose the footwear you have to follow these simple tips:


It is an attribute when looking at your shoes, it is important that they are flexible to bend the toes well when dancing.

Dance shoes type

You have to know that there are different types of shoes depending on the dance you are learning. There are training shoes, Latin shoes, jazz shoes, shoes with different heel heights, etc., so to choose well you have to make sure that you are choosing the right kind of shoe.

special dance shoes type

The dance shoes can not be slippery so that with the rapid and spontaneous dance moves prevent you from tripping. The soles are made of split leather or split leather, which causes them to catch the ground when turning.


The material with which the shoe is made must be taken into account, the interior is usually made of cotton and the exterior can be made of various materials (satin, leather, patent leather), as they can be quite skimpy when dancing the material has to be good quality.


It is very important to check your foot size for dancing shoes. You have to make sure that it fits very well to your foot, it can not go very loose or very tight. Do you want to know what your size is for a dance shoe? Look at this article to measure your foot. It also has to have bow support to make it much more comfortable to dance.


It is important to know that the price is usually a little high since it is considered a special shoe type. The good thing is that it is amortized if you use it for your classes and also to go out and dance. Sure you do not regret buying good shoes. Compare prices online, by academies and through physical stores and value where you can get better. On the Internet you can find online stores where shoes come from outside of Spain quite cheap, but consider that cheap can be expensive.

Premiere before

Before leaving for the dance floor you have to use your shoes to avoid injuries to your feet. Use your shoe about 2 or 3 times in class. The shoe will conform to your foot.

I hope you liked my post if you have any doubts you already know where to find me.
Dancing is great fun, You can meet new friends and it is a perfect way to socialize with other people