Important facts about underwear for men

There are many reasons why underwear is an important part of a person’s wardrobe. Whether it is for hygiene, protection or privacy – undies are necessities that many cannot do without. In fact, the underwear industry is a billion dollar business. Although bohemians prefer to go commando or bare, underwear for men and women has made its way to the fashion world.


For men, underclothes are their most private and personal things for it remain unseen by the public. Worn daily right next to the skin; it must be comfortable.

Prehistoric male covered and protected their private parts by using loincloths from leather hides. It was a far cry from today with the growth of underwear industry. Fashion designers, like the well-known Calvin Klein, turned underwear into a trend as men’s skivvies started adopting patterns and designs.
White is the favorite color and cotton the favorite material.

Types and styles:

Underwear for men comes in many varieties of styles but most men usually choose only one style wearing them no matter what the activity is. They enjoy the comfort and security in wearing briefs, others enjoy the freedom from wearing boxers, but many favor boxer briefs. The bold male prefers thongs and G-strings. About 90% of all underwear sold today is briefs and boxer briefs.

• Boxer shorts
Go well with pleated pants. They have elasticized waistband, a button fly and straight leg openings with short inseam.

• Briefs
Also called jockey shorts, briefs have elastic waistband, no leg with minimal coverage. They are best for men who wear tighter pants or low-rise pants.

• Boxer briefs & trunks
A compromise for both types, they are tapered with the snug and supportive fit of the briefs. They maintain their comfortable fit all day long.

• Bikinis, G-Strings & Thongs
Not for everyone but looks great for men with exceptionally well-sculpted bodies.
1. The bikini or micro brief is a smaller style of the brief that exposes the entire thigh, still managing to cover the buttocks with a small front pouch.
2. Like the bikini, thongs leave the behind exposed but have confined front space connected by thin fabric strips.
3. A more minimal version of the thong, the G-string shows as much skin as possible.

Qualities of ideal underwear for male

• Comfort
Comfort is important qualities in underwear for men because it is worn all day and every day. As such, the material must offer a comfort level such as cotton. Proper cut, placement of pouch, top quality and correct positioning of the seams make a tremendous difference.

• Longevity
A cheaper, all-cotton pair of underwear fades and shrinks after few washings. On the other hand, a pair of luxury underwear will require a larger upfront investment, but it will feel softer and make you feel more comfortable. Make a decent rotation of your underwear so they will last longer.

Words of advice

1. Replace old underwear the minute the elastic band sags, holes appear etc…
2. Own a collection of at least 10 men’s underwear
3. Find a brand that fits you.
4. Wear a variety of styles
5. Change your underwear regularly.
6. Wash your underwear every time

Comfort and longevity are best qualities in choosing underwear for men. Choose cotton material and the style that fits you. Prefer quality than quantity in selecting the price range of your skivvies. Underwear matters especially when you are caught with your pants down!