Throwback Thursday with Netflix

Brought to you by Netflix. Underwear in Our Kitchen is a proud netflix stream team member.
Officially Underwear in Our Kitchen’s first foray into Throwback Thursday brings a picture of the same kitchen where our namesake was derived, though you can’t see the underwear drawer. What strikes me about this pic of my mother and I is how calm I appear; if this scene played out today with my own daughter she would be more…let’s say…animated.
Note the Raggedy Ann toybox in the background. Though this image may have been a few years before childhood favorites such as Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, it wouldn’t be long before those and other crazes like Cabbage Patch Kid would take over my childhood. It’s fun today to see shows such as good old Strawberry–not to mention Blueberry Muffin–back in vogue. With Netflix I can introduce these and more to my own children. When we were kids my little brother loved Transformers so I’ve re-introduced the show to my son.

And look at this gem the Netflix team sent over. Needless to say, as a child of the 80s, I was pretty excited to see Jem & the Holograms made it’s way to Netflix, and even better, the kids love it!
Since bringing Netflix back into our household it’s completely transformed the way we watch TV. To be honest, the only thing holding us back from completely cord cutting is Game of Thrones. If HBO goes stand-alone, we’re off the grid. As I write this post the kids are watching High School Musical, their first non-cartoon show that our television has seen multiple times at this point while eating Mickey waffles for breakfast.
Just in case there are holdouts out there like me, I’m thrilled Netflix is offering a free month subscription giveaway. Just one warning…you’ll be completely hooked.