Throwback Thursday with Netflix {Giveaway}

Brought to you by Netflix. Underwear in Our Kitchen is a proud Stream Team member.

Officially Underwear in Our Kitchen’s first foray into Throwback Thursday brings a picture of the same kitchen where our namesake was derived, though you can’t see the underwear drawer.  What strikes me about this pic of my mother and I is how calm I appear; if this scene played out today with my own daughter she would be more…let’s say…animated.


Note the Raggedy Ann toybox in the background. Though this image may have been a few years before childhood favorites such as Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, it wouldn’t be long before those and other crazes like Cabbage Patch Kid would take over my childhood. It’s fun today to see shows such as good old Strawberry–not to mention Blueberry Muffin–back in vogue. With Netflix I can introduce these and more to my own children. When we were kids my little brother loved Transformers so I’ve re-introduced the show to my son.


And look at this gem the Netflix team sent over. Needless to say, as a child of the 80s, I was pretty excited to see Jem & the Holograms made it’s way to Netflix, and even better, the kids love it!

jem and the holograms

Since bringing Netflix back into our household it’s completely transformed the way we watch TV. To be honest, the only thing holding us back from completely cord cutting is Game of Thrones. If HBO goes stand-alone, we’re off the grid. As I write this post the kids are watching High School Musical, their first non-cartoon show that our television has seen multiple times at this point while eating Mickey waffles for breakfast.

Just in case there are holdouts out there like me, I’m thrilled Netflix is offering a free month subscription giveaway. Just one warning…you’ll be completely hooked.


Enter to win a three month Netflix subscription. Remember to leave the mandatory comment (see Rafflecopter below) in order to be eligible to win. All entries must be received by 11:59 pm est on May 2, 2014.

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Top 5 Reasons Netflix Rocks

This post is brought to you by Netflix. 

As mentioned previously, I’ve recently become re-acquainted with Netflix and am more of a fan than ever. The kids have been introduced to new shows such as How Stuff Works and  Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

how stuff works

I’ve been attempting to influence my children to be Star Wars fans for years so this is a perfect way to ingrain them. But there are plenty of other reasons why Netflix rocks:

1. The kids can access movies on their iPads.

Movies take up a ton of space on the iPad; now that they each have their own profiles they are able to log in and jump right in. This comes in handy at a restaurant waiting for dinner or on a Saturday morning when they rise before 7:00 am and are guided to not wake mom and dad if the number on the clock starts with six.

netflix ipad


2. House of Cards

One of the first things we did after installing our new Roku and connecting Netflix was to fire up House of Cards, a Netflix original series. I’ve heard plenty about this political drama starring Kevin Spacey and was excited to finally check it out. Living up to the hype, it’s become one of our new favorite shows even if it’s portrayal of Washington politics is slightly disconcerting.

3. Current Movies

Last night we watched The Grey with Liam Nelson–good movie. Paying $4.99 or more per movie through cable is not a great option, and having to actually leave the house to rent one seems to 90s. Finally we’re able to watch current movies; I’m just sorry I didn’t re-connect with Netflix sooner.

netflix profiles

4. Individual Profiles & Suggestions

Apparently this is a newer feature, and I’m glad we got on board as profile management was added since it’s one of my favorites. We set up a profile for everyone in the house, and as we log into each account and watch shows and movies, Netflix begins to personalize suggestions which is how we’re finding new gems to view. Brilliant.

5.  Easy to Stream

We started in our bedroom using Roku to set up Netflix. Quickly realizing it was extremely portable, we then added to the kids iPad and even my phone (where I watched episode one of Scandal at the gym during an otherwise boring 6 mile treadmill run which made it go much faster.) And just this afternoon as the cold and rainy weather continues, we realized Netflix could be played downstairs as well streaming through the Wii. netflix.jpg

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Top 5 Apps I Couldn’t Live Without

#1 Feedly

Rather than having to go out looking for your favorite education articles, Game of Thrones news, ADHD updates or just about any topic in the world you like to read about, Feedly brings the content to you. Just search or add a URL, and as long as the website has a blog (RSS) component, it will now be included in your “feed.”

Available for Chrome, Android & iPhone/iPad

feedly rss reader

2. USA Today

While we’re on the topic of getting news, my day would not be complete with this fantastically designed app. With tabs for news, life (celebrities!), travel and more, it’s my news quick-fix that with Sochi Olympics real-time updates I had to avoid for two weeks and went into serious USA Today withdrawal.

Available for just about every platform

usa today

3. Magisto

After discovering Magisto video editing, I deleted all of the other video editors I’ve downloaded and tried which were, in my opinion, inferior to this awesome app. Now I’m making my way through all old videos to “Magisto” them since is is also available on desktop as well. My favorite Magisto I’ve made so far is a Disney Cruise video from December.

Available for Android and iPhone/iPad



4. Twitter

Few social media apps make it to my iPhone’s homepage since they can be real time suckers. The exception is my #1 favorite for all of the reasons I mention in my recent iBlog Magazine expert interview. Couldn’t live without.

Available for Android and iPhone



4. My Disney Experience

No surprise to UioK readers, both Jena and I are Disney fanatics. She is getting married in Walt Disney World in October; I am a member of both DVC and the Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club. So it goes without saying this Disney planner app is on the homepage on my iPhone.

Available for iPhone and Google Play

my disney experience

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 5.03.43 AM


Staying in Cinderella’s Castle Suite at WDW

Nothing in the world prepared four Double Duty Divas for the ultimate experience for any wanna-be princess.  Attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration a few years ago, I found myself the recipient of the key to Cinderella’s Castle. Renovated in 2006 for the Year of a Million Dreams, these days the exclusive (and elusive) suite is offered by promotion only to lucky guests such as ourselves.  With a night at the castle unable to be purchased for any amount of money, and we have it on good terms a whole lot has been offered, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

cinderella's castle suite

The Cinderella experience began as we were ordered to pack an overnight bag to meet the Suite Concierge promptly at 4 p.m. Taken by private vehicle to a back lot location behind the castle, the royal treatment began with a guided park tour as we jumped to the front of attraction lines. Once ready to see the room, the “Princess Crew,” a self-title moniker, was awed by the secret suite entrance, magic elevator and Cinderella’s glass slipper and tiara encased in the foyer. The suite itself left nothing to the imagination: magic television sets which appeared from mirrors, a whirlpool tub with twinkling stars overhead, fresh flowers in each of the three rooms and a crystal engraved glass slipped for the winner were just some of the amenities.

cinderella's castle

The Divas & Cinderella

After a quick freshening, the group made its way to dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern with the characters courtesy of the Castle Suite Crew.  After dinner, a viewing of the Wishes Fireworks Show in a private viewing area preceded a trip Hollywood Studios, again using entrances we could not have imagined existed.  One of the most magical moments came as we re-entered the room. Turn down service with chocolates on our pillows, a Mickey Mouse for the youngest member of the crew, princess bubble bath, Cinderella movie playing on both TVs, and the creme-de-la-creme…a platter of chocolate covered strawberries with a white chocolate horse drawn carriage. (br>

Later, another private viewing area for the SpectroMagic parade awaited until finally the Divas and their little prince turned in for the night.  Unable to sleep, they donned their Cinderella robes for a midnight picture in front of the castle.  The next morning we ate breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table breakfast as our time in the castle came to an end.  A night to remember for sure, the Suite at Cinderella’s Castle experience was one the Divas, headed back to reality today, will treasure forever.

Update: While I haven’t had a chance to return to #DisneySMMoms since the castle stay, I’m happy for my partner in crime @BridgetteLA who is returning this year and hopeful some pixie dust will make it’s way to me again in the future.


Hello. My Name is Cecelia and I Don’t Like Vegetables {or Plain Water}

Camus said, “A guilty conscious need to confess,” and so, to the surprise of those who know me well, I’d like to get something off my chest.

I don’t like vegetables. I’m not a fan of water–until peach iced tea drops are added as evidenced by the photo below I took at a training earlier today. And I love Hamburger Helper. And Splenda.

I’ve been made aware of the benefits of vegetables. And water. On the flip side, I’m also aware of the detriments of artificial sweeteners. Over the years, I’ve developed a thick skin for strange looks and, likely due to a guilty conscious, continue to purchase vegetables each week at the grocery store of which 80% go bad before we use them.

I will not blame my mother since UioK (Underwear in Our Kitchen) co-author and sister @RamblingChick is actually a vegetarian. I hope that is OK to say publicly. Since vegetables are a good thing I’m pretty sure those who eat them exclusively are celebrated so she’s probably fine with it.

And, what the heck, let’s get it all out on the table. I also don’t like fish or coffee. And the world (I live in) is decidedly a coffee-centric one. At workshops  or conference “coffee offered” is typical but us tea drinkers are never sure if tea bags and hot water will also be provided so we must always schlep our own supply. Incidentally, I am the co-organizer of a conference for online influencers so if you’re attending and are a tea drinker, don’t despair.

Seafood…don’t get me started. Each month a few couples get together for “gourmet club” which is essentially a reason for the six of us to remain connected. If gourmet is at your house, you make the main dish and others bring the app and dessert. We share the recipes which I’ve begun to collect on Pinterest. And for over seven years my poor friends either have to avoid seafood or cool something separate just for me. I’ve tried it over, and over, and over again to no avail. Yuck.


Feeling much better. Your turn to confess…

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Top 5 Reasons to Watch Game of Thrones

There are basically two groups of people–those who watch Game of Thrones and those who do not. To the former group I offer this tweet exchange between myself and @adamharvey during last season:

game of thrones

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 8.20.55 AM

To the rest of the world, I’ve rebutted the reasons most people give for not watching:

1. I don’t have HBO.

I didn’t either until my brother loaned me the first season of Game of Thrones on DVD. Immediately following the finale I promptly picked up the phone, called Comcast, and asked if I could order “Game of Thrones” to which they responded, “Do you mean HBO?” True story.

2. HBO is too expensive.

Sell your gold Italian horn from the 80s. It’s perfect timing for Spring cleaning–go through your basement, get an eBay account and go to town. Eat Ramen noodles. Do what you must…it’s worth it.

3. I don’t like fantasy/castles/men on horses.

In that case, you may not want to read A Song of Fire and Ice (the book series Game of Thrones is based on). Besides, it’s not always easy being #aSoFaI fan waiting for George R.R. Martin to release the next book. You do not, however, have to be a fan of fantasy to enjoy HBO’s Game of Thrones. And for the record, in this series women not only ride horses but also own dragons.

4. I don’t even know what it’s about.

Just know it’s the best television series, perhaps ever, and if you enjoy wit, intrigue, strong characters and themes unmentionable on a family blog, the show is for you. And there’s always Wikipedia.

5. I don’t have time for another TV show.

If you make to to eat and sleep, you can make time for Game of Thrones. Just start with season 1 and be sure to come back to thank me after you’re hooked. Season Four premiers Sunday, April 9, 2014. In the meantime, check out this HBO Game of Thrones “Season 4: Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing.”

Stay connected to Game of Thrones on Facebook and Twitter. 


Getting Re-acquainted with Netflix

This post is brought to you by Netflix.

A friend of mine “cut the cord” a while back and we’ve been considering doing the same. The rising costs of cable have made the idea of an antenna for our basic channels and streaming remaining TV shows and movies a tempting idea. The only thing holding us back, Game of Thrones. Without an option to purchase HBO standalone the thought of not having Jon Snow in our living room the second a new show is released is unacceptable.

On the other hand, we’re preparing for the day a new #GOT option presents itself. My husband purchased an antenna–turns out they’ve evolved a long way from rabbit ears to a flat panel that hides behind a picture on the wall. And as a one-time Netflix user who cancelled when the cable bill was raised for the billionth time a few years back, I jumped at the chance to be a part of their stream team. Knowing cord cutting is in our future and Netflix plays a prominent role in a TV watching non-cable household, when they reached out knowing how much we love our TV  shows and movies, our family was thrilled to put another piece of the puzzle in place.

For anyone unfamiliar with streaming, check out this quick but informative video.

In the coming months I will bring Underwear in Our Kitchen readers information on streaming, Netflix and additional tips and tricks to help your family decide if it may be for you as well. Of course, you can have cable and Netflix and don’t necessarily need to be a cord-cutter to enjoy the benefits streaming  Netflix for kids with an array of shows and movies just for the little ones and cult-favorites like House of Cards which I plan to start the minute my Netflix is all set up.

Many times I’ve been tempted to signup for a free month of Netflix  since $7.99 a month  with no commitment is a reasonable price, but with cable already so high I’ve yet to pull the trigger. I’m excited once again become a member of the Netflix community and looking forward to exploring its features and sharing them each month.

netflix logo

Any existing Netflix members out there? What do you love about it?


My #BestBeautiful & #DDDiva Love

I saw this  Oil of Olay video and felt compelled to look in the mirror after learning the average woman does so 10x a day. And since I’d already been thinking in my head to send my fellow Divas a video, this…


Led to this…


Makes sense right?



Mom’s Homemade Sauce & Lasagna Recipe

I’ve eaten her sauce and pasta dished countless times, and am preserving for myself and anyone else would like to take a shot at my mother’s “I don’t measure” recipes. I quantified as best as possible but the spices remain a mystery. Without further ado, the best sauce and lasagna on the planet:



1 can tomato puree

2 cans tomato paste

2 (tomato puree cans) water

Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion salt, basil, oregano, Italian seasonings

In order to make sauce, you first need meatballs, beef cubes and sweet italian sausage, all cooked. Boil liquids and seasonings, add meat and simmer for 3-4 hours. Seasonings are all to taste.


No bake lasagna noodles

1 cup shredded mozzerela

3/4 cup grated Romano cheese

3 lbs. Falbo ricotta cheese

3 eggs

1 lb. sweet Italian sausage

1 lb. ground beef

Salt, pepper, parsley

If making sauce with meat, you can eliminate the extra sausage and beef and use meat from the sauce. If making lasagna independently, you’ll need the sausage and ground beef. Mix ricotta, eggs, 1/2 c. mozzarella, salt, pepper and parsley. Layer sauce, noodles, ricotta, 1 type of beef and repeat with the second meat. Sprinkle the remaining mozzarella on top. Cook at 375 covered with foil 30 minutes then 5-10 without foil.